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Scratch Resistant Coating

All our lenses are provided to you with a scratch resistant coating at no extra charge. This coating is put on both sides of the lenses and will help reduce scratching although it is still very important that you look after your lenses with the correct cleaning and storage methods. Always store your glasses in the case we provide to help prevent scratching.

We also provide polycarbonate lenses which are ideal for children and sports people due to their light material and high impact resistance. We also offer a range of transition lenses, which change from clear to dark when exposed to sunlight.


Single Vision lenses
Single Vision lenses are for everyday use (reading and distance) and we have options to suit your lifestyle and lens prescription.

Standard 1.50 CR39 lenses - $69.00
This is the most widely used material as it is light and also scratch resistant. We recommend that the 1.50 CR lenses are used for prescriptions with a Sphere (SPH) between a +6.00 and -6.00.

Thin 1.56 CR lenses - $129.00
ese are thinner than the standard 1.50 CR lenses and of lighter weight. As your prescription increases, so does the thickness of the lenses and we suggest this 1.56 lens should be used for higher prescriptions with a Sphere (SPH) between +6.00 and -8.00 to ensure thinner lenses can be fitted to the frame you have selected.

Super Thin 1.67 CR lenses - $159.00
These are even thinner lenses suitable for higher prescriptions. We recommend that these lenses are used with a Sphere (SPH) between +6.00 and -10.00 prescription to ensure thinner lenses can be fitted to your frame.


Transition lenses
These are the lenses which change from clear to dark in the sunlight. They will darken as soon as they are exposed to UV sunlight and will then return to a clear lens when the UV rays are no longer present. It is like having a sunglass and optical frame in one pair of glasses complete with your prescription.

Transition 1.50 lenses - $265.00
We recommend these for prescriptions with a Sphere (SPH) between a +8.00 and -10.00.

Bifocal 1.50 lenses - $149.00
These lenses have your prescription for reading in the lower part of the lenses and your prescription for distance in the upper part of the lenses.


Progressive lenses
Progressive lenses allow you to see all distances clearly (close and distance vision) but without the line seen across the lenses as with bifocal lenses. Available as standard progressive, photochromic, transition, and polarised lenses. 

Progressive Lenses 1.50 Standard - $188.00
Progressive Lenses 1.56 Photochromic - $249.00
Progressive Lenses 1.50 Transitions - $295.00
Progressive Lenses 1.50 Polarised - $295.00
Progressive Lenses 1.50 Progressive - $215.00


Please note that we reserve the right to make additional charges for lenses ordered that may be outside of normal manufacturing parameters. We will of course contact you first should there need to be any additional charges.


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